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Democratizing the Moving Image

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Democratization of the Moving Image


Videoblogs are dramatically changing the state of international online video promotion and distribution. From film and TV content to personal videos, this powerful visual medium is now in the hands of anyone. We will discuss how inexpensive tools (a high quality video camera and computer) and a massive amount of new distribution platforms (e.g. software, TV over IP, phones, video iPods, etc.) make it easy for a home-made video or professional sitcom or film to be distributed all over the world


Andrew Baron Producer, Rocketboom

Amanda Congdon Host/Producer, Rocketboom


WHO – personal filters,


WHAT – design. If ppl are coming to your site, you want them to feel comfortable and come back.


WHERE – global, recently launched rocketboom.jp, moving image is universal, videoblogs have the opportunity to be really global bc there is such passion everywhere for video.


WHEN – time – speed is so important. Don’t let your idea stagnate. Time is power. Competitive advantage, particularly in technology. Main stream media and large orgs move slowly. Also need to be quick w information, update regularly. Be consistent and reliable.


WHY – consequences


HOW – INTERACTIVE. most is user-submitted, videos, emails, etc. not internet tv, there is a relationship w viewers – very bloggy. Adds to feeling of show. Audience is not passive, more complex, can treat them with respect. Personal media, your own flavor of content. You don’t have to shop at the gap.


People wait for the ads at the end. They comment on them. Increases the niche value. Advertisers are starting to recognize. Rocketboom can create the ads themselves. They put more time into them than they do an episode.


Rocketboom now also available on Tivo and ipod, etc.

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