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State of the World

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State of the World.


Sterling is in a dark, visionary and literary mood. Apparently we deon't need his party. Commons-based production is really getting its legs. Flickr, wikipedia, etc. Collab web filters w/o historical predent. We're no langer hanging on the coattails of gates - what a saucy monkey. The amount of NGOs dealing with creative and community enhancement is not a good sign, it's scary bc it shows incompetence in federal oversight. Criminals in serbia are doing better than washington.They've forgotten how to build anything in wadc bc they are too busy monetizing things and whoring out the commons. "banana republic with rockets." Shilling for his latest story collection.


his writing and living have taken a sharp turn this century. E-Eu literary society. Serbia as "new world capital of new world disorder". "I live out of my laptop as so many do" He's just going on about world-flattening. It's very theatrical and fun but not really insightful. "America is like the last reels of Gone With The Wind". "Do you really velieve that adam and eve rode to church on sunday on the backs of dinosaurs?" I could use a baguette. And maybe a root beer. Would it be inappropriate for me to kick the back of this guy's chair?


most amazing time of innovation - flickr, wikis, web community no longer hanging on the coattails of gates. Why are towns trying to get wired? Only in the united states are towns lobbying the govt as if they are indian casinos.


wireless in london, korea.


broadband in serbia - $20/month. Living in serbia is living in the true extreme case of extreme denial chaos and doom. very insightful for bruce. Serbian "truthiness".


He feels sorry for gaiman and ellis. "we're the sink that the gutter drainns into"


The big issue where he lives rigt now is the issue of war ccriminals from srebgonizeh (sp?) that killed 8k people. These 2 guys are in religious asylum in monasteries somewhere, writing plays an' shit.


What we've got now isn't conventional shooting war, it's culture war. the troubles and disorder. When the disorder is over, you don't get to say "I proudly served" because it's a war on people's pride! covert, trumped-up shadowy. no history bc compartmentalised.


espionage, secrecy in the military, no formal goals and end. grim meathook future vs. bright green future.


now he's talking about his veridian movement.


Quoting ellis: i missed it.


"the street finds its own uses for things - the envelope of what uses can be found is being pushed.


china and india are success stories of the modern global epic. mao and gahndi's minds would splat. they are grim and desperate places still, esp environmentally, but yet they boom. thanks, populace - they have lots.


now spime. god help us all. referring his siggraph speech, is avail onlline?, note to self have tim get it for me from ACM library.


read book X for this shocking and annoying design sense. lorraine's AIGA book. he said gibsonian. my friend matt refers to himself as a "gibsonian integrator" and that's teh best thing evar!1


A spime, he says, as we all know, is a speculative or imaginary object that exiklasndvlkahgg


1: interactive chip, unique id, mark de diablo

2. local precise positioning

3~ powerful searrch functionality

4= cradle-to-cradle recyc

5, 3d virtual models of objjets, design thusly

6* rapid prototyping, he said fabject and blobject in the same breath. ><


What problem are we solving? we want to create an internet of things (that is not a problem). The primary advantage of an internet of things is self-inventorying possessions, zero-interaction.


> top 3 things are stupid

> last 3 is FabLab - n. gershenfeld


idea of legacy people. he is working on a novel, as a novelist this is appropriate. what is a novel under these circumstances (language as affected by global internet, distributed intelligence et cetera).


"become the change we want to see" "make no decision out of fear"


He's not a sentimentalist, he doesn't think that nations fail only because of bad leaders. The people are not always blameless.


Talking about Milosevic's assassination of his mentor and best man. People loved him tho. If he did some bad things, he was doing them for us. Monkeysphere. "It was a society that preferred to live in a locked closet and feed on their own delusions."


Historical perspective is the cure to the stampede of crazy disorder and patchworks of faith-based bullshit.


"When you can comprehend poetry it means that your heart is not yet broken"


The area is so balkanized people don't even know what do do with the warring halves of their own personalities.


Historical Perspective: 1937 (sounds like a game). Fascism rising in Eu, google not buying. Quote from sandberg:


The People, Yes

Carl Sandburg



The people will live on.

The learning and blundering people will live on.

They will be tricked and sold again and again sold

And go back to the nourishing earth for rootholds.

The people so peculiar in renewal and comeback,

You can’t laugh off their capacity to take it.

The mammoth rests between his cyclonic dramas.


The people so often sleepy, weary, enigmatic,

Is a vast huddle with so many units saying:

“I earn my living.

I make enough to get by

And it takes all my time.

If In had more time

I could do more for myself and maybe for others.

I could read and study

And talk things over

And find out more things.

It takes time.

I wish I had the time.”

. . .

The people know the salt of the sea

and the strength of the winds

lashing the corners of the earth.

The people take the earth

as a tomb of rest and a cradle of hope.

Who else speaks for the Family of Man?

They are in tune and step

with constellations of universal law.


In the darkness with a great bundle of grief the people


In the night, and overhead a shovel of stars for keeps, the people march:

“Where to? What next?”



sterling is crying and he just walked off.

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